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Last of Us Official Trailer

Barbie Trailer

Cobweb Official Trailer

Past Lives: A24 Trailer

Elvis Official Trailer

Batman TV Spot

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Official Trailer

Indiana Jones 5: TV Spot
Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot
Avengers: End Game TV Spot
Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot
Solo: A Star Wars Story TV Spot
Incredibles 2 TV Spot
First Man TV Spot
Ad Astra TV Spot
The Front Runner TV Spot
Our Planet TV Spot
Magnum P.I. TV Spot
Call of Duty: Modern War Fare TV Spot

John Wick 4 Official Trailer
Mike Official Trailer
Knives Out 2 “Intro” Official Trailer
Violent Night TV Spot
Obi-Wan Kenobi Official Trailer
Uncharted TV Spot
Them Official Trailer
The Wheel of Time Official Trailer
Shadow and Bone TV Spot
Jungle Cruise TV Spot
The Nevers TV Spot
WandaVision TV Spot
Shang-Chi Various TV Spots
Black Widow Offical Trailer
Mortal Combat Fatality TV Spot

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Trailer
The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Official Trailer

The Personal History of David Copperfield Offical Trailer
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Trailer
Foundation Official Trailer
Them Official Trailer
Enola Holmes “Hole” Remix Celebrity Skin 
Mulan TV Spot
Hope Gap Official Trailer
Greenland Official Trailer
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker “Hold On” TV Spot
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker “Lead” TV Spot


Steps (Feature Film 2021)

The War at Home (Mini Series, 2020)

Give Kate a Voice ( Short Film, 2018)

Star Wars Samurai: The Blind Jedi (Short, 2016)
Hang ’em Hyrule (Short Film, 2015)

Treasure Map (Short Film, 2015)

Plane Spotting (Short Film, 2015)
The Sound of Your Voice (NJ Film School, 2015, Short)
ROM Character Teaser (Feature Film)
The Spear (NJ Film School, 2012, Short)

Step Into the Ring (Short Film, 2012)
Quest for Adventure (Dir. Andy Olson, 2012, Short)
A Beary Scary Movie (Dir. Justin Beasley, Feature)

The Water’s Edge (Dir. Chris Messineo, 2011, Short)

Dogs of Chinatown (Dir. Micah Moore, 2010, Feature)
ROM (Dir. Ben Silker, 2010, Short)

Vault of Darkness (Adam Hulin, 2009, Feature)
My Name is Francesca (Dir. Jeremy Hyler, 2009, Short)
Change (Dir. Jay Rodriguez, 2009, Short)
It’s Hour Come Round (Dir. Adam Hulin, 2009, Short)
Dreamland (Dir. Glen McDonald, 2009, Short)
CPU (Dir. Jeremy Hyler, 2006, Short)
The Fight Within (Dir. Jay Rodriguez, 2006, Short)



Gravastar (TBA)
Starbreak (2016)
Hilda Bewildered (2014)
Dillo Hills 2 (2014)
Blue Rose (2012)
Dillo Hills (2012)
The Artifacts (2012)
Evito (2010)


Sprite (China)
Toyota (Malaysia)
Honda (Indonesia)
Cadillac (China)
Milo (Malaysia)
Minute Maid (China)
KFC (New Zealand & Asia)
Allianz (Malaysia)
NZ Transport (New Zealand)
Coca Cola (Malaysia)
Swatch (USA/Europe)
Asus (Malaysia)
Flora ProActiv (New Zealand)
Samsung (Malaysia) 

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